Month: September 2014

Loot: Savory Savings

Last night I went up to the next town over for an Essential Oils presentation at my Chiropractor’s office; even though I overslept my nap hour, I did make it in reasonable time and found the session to be very helpful. This presenter was focusing on the proper and most effective use of oils for emotional needs, which I found to be beneficial for me as I’d like to use a few types to calm myself and focus my mind during labor. More on that in another post … After that little shindig, I dropped by Target for a look-through of their crib linens and curtains. I had been intending to buy all the nursery linens from this company that I discovered via Etsy, however, I finally decided the collection of items would be way more expensive than necessary. They are things that we would certainly reuse with other babies, but I wasn’t sure that was the financial investment I should make at this time. Since we are renting our home, I felt it best …

DIY: Autumn Homemade

So Autumn is here and as my engineer astronomy-enthusiast father likes to remind me with the change of season, “The Autumnal Equinox will take place and then it will be officially Autumn. I will be happy to announce it to you the day it happens.” Thank you, Dad, for always staying in synch with the forces of nature, as it were. I am sort of “in touch” myself here on the other side of the mountain.

Birth: Feeling at Home

A close friend of mine recently asked me about my choice to give birth at home. I know many women who have given birth with a midwifery practice, but I also know many who have given birth in a medical facility. Contrary to what some may assume of my philosophy, I do not believe that giving birth naturally or in the home is the “right” way to deliver a child; rather, I believe that birth is a matter of personal choice and conviction and should be considered wisely and informatively.

The Mommy Diaries

They say that you glow when you’re pregnant … I don’t know that I’ve been glowing. Or at least, I don’t know that I’ve been rejoicing as much as I’ve been resisting. You see, I really didn’t want to get pregnant. Not only that, I didn’t want to have to change. Not a damn thing. I just wanted to keep going on my merry way of self-justification and entitlement. Well, I guess that’s had to change … Is it a glow when God smacks me across the face with a dose of gracious sovereignty? Or are those just stinging rosy cheeks?  

Fair: Blessed

We love going to the Fair every year. It’s been our tradition since we started dating. This time Ian couldn’t stop talking about having baby girl with us at the Fair next year. He’s going to be a great dad. We love the area we live in. The blue mountain ridge, the bluegrass roots, the farmer’s market produce, the smell of manure and tobacco, the sounds of tractors and children. It’s the southern mountain family life that we love. It’s the simple way of living and doing and building that we value. We look forward to buying our land and building our dream farmhouse and starting an aquponics farm and raising our children in the covenant grace. We are blessed.