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DIY: Autumn Homemade

So Autumn is here and as my engineer astronomy-enthusiast father likes to remind me with the change of season, “The Autumnal Equinox will take place and then it will be officially Autumn. I will be happy to announce it to you the day it happens.” Thank you, Dad, for always staying in synch with the forces of nature, as it were.

I am sort of “in touch” myself here on the other side of the mountain. Every time I go to buy a fresh bouquet of garden flowers from Costco, my husband reminds me that I could just collect field flowers for 0 pennies with my little pair of sheers. So, the other day while Ian played fetch at the park field with Molle, I traipsed off down the path and along the river with my little pair of pruning sheers, clipping lovely finds. I’ve been intending to make my own branches & berries wreath for some time now, but I haven’t quite figured out the art of the process. For now, I thought a stamped brown bag cornucopia and riverside blooms would suffice for a touch of nature at the doorstep.

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This is how I made it:

1. Found a scrap brown gift bag from my party box and pulled it apart gently at the seams so that it laid out flat.

2. Pulled off the handles from the paper and rolled it into a cornucopia-ish shape.

3. Reattached one of the handles to the back of the structure with glue and tapered the bottom of the structure .

4. Stamped the bag “Trick or Treat” for fall festiveness; inserted purple & white blooms along with a pine tree sapling from the backyard.

See here my festive holiday inspirations and other similar type adornings.

Since I was already on a rustic roll, I unearthed out of the basement stash my wood-stumps collection from last Christmas, as you might remember from our Tree Adventure pictures that used to be in slideshow. Here is a reminder:

it doesn't take much to decorate modern and earthy!

it doesn’t take much to decorate modern and earthy!

It was a bright windy nippy November day.

It was a bright windy nippy November day.


I set them out as one of my favorite fall candle-lit table-runner arrangements. I did this last year, as well, but I’m not sure I blogged it then.

This is how I made it:

I always have various candles stored in the cupboards; I arranged the wood stumps atop the embossed jute runner (from Pier 1 – same item) in a staggered pattern, placed varying orange-colored tee lights in glass saucers and taller white candles about the wood, and added a few tree sprigs of berries for an extra dash of autumn red.

photo 5-13 photo 5-14 photo 4-14 photo 3-14 photo 2-17 photo 1-18

Those little nature creations cost me $0! Which is the best way to decorate within budget 😉 What are some of your favorite festive decorations or favorite holiday pins?

In the hands of the potter,

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