Month: October 2015

October: the 15th

Today is “National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Day.” Today, like every day, we thank God for our precious Heidi Lee. We deeply mourn her absence as well as gratefully rejoice her presence with the Saints.   This October day has been like most days here at Bluebird Haven. We’ve been working on our various projects around the house… I am not doing the knitting for this project *sigh*. I don’t have nimble fingers for this sort of thing though I do love to knit when I have the time to focus on it. My knitting-machine friend over at Slouch Babies (check out her Facebook page!) is going to use these two skeins to make a cap, sweater, and leggings for EveyBaby. I had originally ordered these colors from Knit PicksĀ last year as an “art and grief” project for myself, since I’d used lavender gray for Heidi’s nursery. Everley will get to sport her big sister’s style šŸ˜‰ We started off our day making faces with Little Hiccup. Her project of late has obviously been GROWING! …

YouTube: French Canadian Soapmaker

Hand making something, nearly anything, is a hobby of mine. Sadly, I’m not “Type A,” so I rarely make the things I want to make :/ But I’m inspired by others who work very hard with their skills to make a small business of handmade items and I look to support local artists via community connections or Etsy. One of my goals this past summer was to start making my own soaps in conjunction with making my own ceramic soap dishes. Well….