Month: April 2016

Pooped: Five Tidbits

That’s a catchy title, isn’t it? Ahahahaha! ;P So, painting a couch, hosting 30 family members for Easter, reuniting with friends, maintaining some semblance of routine, traipsing off to San Francisco for a week…… Noooooo, we haven’t been busy a’tall! I’m too tired to poop out of parties, as Lucy would say. But my husband and I have been keeping it real here, despite our crazy schedule, because we just  like to keep each other on our toes ;P Every marriage has a crazy cycle, and we stay on ours for good exercise. Not! In the midst of doing life, I’ve been learning and pondering and discovering and wrestling and learning again….. So here’s a round-up of five topics I’ve been, you know, tossing around…. 1. Baby – Sun up to sun down, and even after so it goes, she is my companion come rain or come shine. And as a result I never get anything else done! Haha. I’ve discovered that bath time is the perfect time to clean the bathroom itself, because otherwise I’m …

How-to Create A Survey for Research

Entire site line or portable protection -by-line? Why do you Make Use of A Portable Protection? For Work With research To digitize my personal favorite publications and textbooks For scanning items not on paper (like rock identities) OtherSee outcomes without voting The things they Offer You can find as numerous uses for record readers that are mobile as you will find persons. Typically the most popular software is most likely for anybody studying in libraries that are public areas or university.

How to Defeat Deficiencies In Instructional Assurance

The Internal Revenue Service allows people to withhold expenditures related to using truck or a car for business functions. Most of the people choose to get, when you might elect to write off the particular costs of using a car for company. Nevertheless, you cant just imagine at your company miles. The government requires one to maintain records to demonstrate the miles you take are precise and were certainly for business reasons. IRS Requirements IRS laws for citizens who elect to deduct the conventional mileage rate demand a sign exhibiting "miles visited, business function and location." You do not incorporate this record with all the duty forms you publish at the end of the year, but you must keep it as proof if the government concerns your mileage reduction.

a Conversation :: Clay to Potter

I said to the Potter, “Why have you made me this way? Why must I be in pain?” I heard in my spirit, “My power is made perfect in your weakness. My shaping is making you a treasured vessel. I am the Potter, and you are the clay. You are the work of My hands.” I wept bitterly and answered, “But I don’t understand. My heart is broken. I will live with this pain, this crack in my vessel, for the rest of my days.” I remembered in my soul the scriptures, “Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you.” I proclaimed in earnest, “You are the Potter. You are Sovereign. You are Elkanah. You are a covenant keeping God. You are righteous in all Your ways. You are for me and not against me. You will not forsake me… …When I am afraid, I will trust in You.” I knew deep in my being that My Creator replied, “You are mine and I love you.”  

Honesty: Grief & Trauma

You know that old adage- “Honesty is the best policy”? Well, sometimes I wonder if we’re truly honest with ourselves. Are we truly honest enough about our own frustrations, failures, and fears to… change? Change what, you might be wondering…. Three and a half years ago when my husband and I got married, we would never have imagined we’d face the hardships we’ve experienced. Not only do we have opposite personalities, we also come from very different upbringings, and we have very different interests; every newly married couple has to work at understanding each other, but add to our scenario the fact that my husband was gone (military training) more than he was home the first two years of our marriage. We didn’t have time to get to know each other, to invest in one another, to build a life together. The tension was mounting between us, but we had our first unplanned baby on the way. And then she suddenly died a few days after she was born. We were already disconnected – add to that …

The Struggle :: Why Me?

Have you ever wondered, “Why me?” My guess is that most of us have asked that at least once. Questions like this: Why did I get caught in that traffic accident? Why did I have to suffer that injury? Why did I get stuck growing up in that freak house? Why did I have an abuser? Why do I wrestle with these addictions every day? We’re human, right? Every human questions life itself, the reason for being, and the Master Mind behind it all. I mean, we’re only human – we’re frail, tossed about by the winds of change, limited in our understanding, cautious, fearful of the next curve ball. It’s only natural. You wanna know what my big question is? …. Why did it have to be me that held my firstborn daughter in my arms to wake up and find she was dead? Which then begs these other gnawing questions: Why did I have to suffer that trauma of losing her? Why did she have to die? Why do my husband and I …

Painted: Blue Couch

Hello friends! Many of you have been asking about the infamous paint project – or otherwise known as “that damn couch” – which I have finally completed during my blogging hiatus (see my February post before the blog strike here). I had first shared about our crappy-looking but conveniently-free couch when I wrote about being uprooted and about replanting – Our Story: Uprooted to Grounded – after our daughter passed away. But today THIS post is dedicated to the story of: The Painted Couch. Beware, readers, of the deep dark pit of paint, the scary blue monster, the tiny sharp nails, and the twisted sense of creativity. Yes, it still has a happy ending 😉 PREFACE: I really love house projects. Not washing-dishes-by-hand, constant-loads-of-laundry, or grocery-shopping-in-costco projects (as afore mentioned in my post about having a daily routine). Those are boring necessary projects! I really love creative house projects – improving what I have or building something better or redesigning a functional space. So, sometimes I bite off more-than-I-can-chew projects… I’ll be honest with you, painting my …