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Camp: Quirky // Kids

I have this favorite blogger who keeps me laughing with every post about her crazy family and inspires me with her sense of style. Grace & Simon Patton have had four children in four years – Julia, Sebastian, Theo & Phoebe – while her husband has been in med school and working extensive shift hours. Somehow, this little family just chooses to roll with the punches of everyday life and the unpredictability of four little children. I hope that they actually laugh as much as their sarcasm suggests they might …

Maternity: Ready or Not

Was I expecting to be expecting at this time in my life? No way! I had a five year plan, and it did not include shocking pregnancy tests, roller coaster rides of emotions and sickness, motherhood books, birthing classes, belly bands, and bigger bras (but I’ll take the latter if I have to 😉 ) Nevertheless, here I am preggo with a tiny bump to prove it at 17 weeks.

Home: White Sanity

Heavy snowfall means I’m quarantined at home. I love being forced to stay home. This abode is a lovely little shelter where I can hide away to read my books, dance to my music, bake my favorite cookies, watch my shows, play with my dogs, be my creative self… – – – – – – – – – – The adventures of Luke and Molle in the snow are as follows… This afternoon was perfect powder for them to romp around in; they both set out in a cantor… but only one was doing the chasing… I was amazed how well she could plow through all that snow! She was undaunted and having a good ol’ time… These are my favorite pictures of Molle… whenever I called she came a’dashing!

Fellowship: Youth vs. Longevity

After the church service this morning, a friend asked if I would like to join her for lunch in town, since I was husbandless, along with a couple other gals from our congregation. Of course, I am always delighted to socialize. I don’t often spend time with my friend, as she’s a nurse and we work opposite schedules. I don’t often spend time with the other three women who joined us, either; in fact, I didn’t know any of them, considering that they all live in retirement communities and are over the age of seventy. Despite the diversity, we all had a delightful time together and said we’d do it again. My friend and I are both in our late twenties, working steadily at our jobs, persevering in our marriages, and anticipating our near thirties of more adventures. Our unconventional companions are settling into a slower pace of life, ailments and discomfort, the death of loved ones, and the completion of their adventures. It’s a cold gray day here in these mountains, so the Village …