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Loot: Savory Savings

Last night I went up to the next town over for an Essential Oils presentation at my Chiropractor’s office; even though I overslept my nap hour, I did make it in reasonable time and found the session to be very helpful. This presenter was focusing on the proper and most effective use of oils for emotional needs, which I found to be beneficial for me as I’d like to use a few types to calm myself and focus my mind during labor. More on that in another post …

After that little shindig, I dropped by Target for a look-through of their crib linens and curtains. I had been intending to buy all the nursery linens from this company that I discovered via Etsy, however, I finally decided the collection of items would be way more expensive than necessary. They are things that we would certainly reuse with other babies, but I wasn’t sure that was the financial investment I should make at this time. Since we are renting our home, I felt it best to cut costs where possible, and I have worked very hard to do that with all the decor and furniture and necessities in the nursery. And more on that in other posts …

All of that to say, I did find a steal of a deal, in my opinion, on curtains. I had wanted a simple white 64″ curtain for the window, which I did find for a whopping $10, and then I wanted an 84″ panel for the closet doorway (I removed the door itself as it took up too much space in the room), which I did stumble across a suitable Threshold brand grey ombre curtain on clearance for $12. But wait, it gets better, I popped over to Lowes, feeling good vibes about finding good deals, and immediately found the perfect curtain rod on sale for $16! It’s perfect because the finials are bronze bears, which very well suits the whimsical wooded theme of the nursery. Of course, you should expect pictures of that to come in the near future …

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I happily spent my day working up a storm by installing the curtain rod exactly in place and balanced above the window single-handedly. Where there is a will there is a way, I always say. Especially for a 33 week pregnant woman.

I forgot to mention the other part of my loot from last night’s spree. I had two coupons for Target clothes and cosmetics, so I swiped this lovely fall/winter sweater as well as this indy flame orange lipstick that lasts ALL DAY; I’ve never found a drugstore brand lipstick that had lasting power like that. And it’s matte finish making it even more ideally sexy.

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Okay, 33 week preggo outfit pics to follow. Please excuse my hipsterish fashion part of this post. I try to resist the urge but I can’t. It’s just too much fun to style …

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This is Molle being annoyed with me for continuing to take pictures of myself in the mirror …

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And that is my rainy day hairstyle after just scrunching it with some sticky tacky product that never fails to bring back my curls …

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Such a great sweater! Maternity or non.

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That is actually a summer linen shirt that I got at Target over the summer, but I just now finally have a bump that shows under it! I suspect I’ll keep layering with it through the fall weeks as I feel a little more like an oven these days …

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Lastly, but not least, I wanted to add in this post that I LOVE AUTUMN and that it is absolutely necessary for me as a homemaker to experiment with PUMPKIN during this season! Can you tell how exciting it is for me?? So, I have here for you, dear reader, a fantabulous breakfast recipe that you will love. If you already love Nutella, that is (click on the last post pic for the blogger’s recipe instructions) …

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I woke up late this morning, but I had to get the protein in while baking, so I lapped up Greek yogurt and sipped on Nora tea and ice water, since I also have to be getting in a boat load of water throughout the day.

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That’s my super messy counter. And beautiful honey pot made by my potter friend.


Pumpkin is just so good!

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This is such a great recipe, by the way, because it uses coconut flour and almond meal and a bunch of spices and just honey as a sweetener, making them healthier and less sugar-coma-inducing for a morning start. The Nutella is definitely a jolt of chocolatey goodness, which you could just leave out if you preferred. Also, as you’ll see in the recipe directions, it calls for espresso powder and maple syrup; I don’t have those ingredients, so I left out the powder and substituted with local honey instead.

And this is me trying to be patiently occupied while waiting for the muffins to puff …

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Here is the final result, friends! They are just delicious. Since there are 4 eggs in this recipe, I helped myself to 4 muffins in a row as my breakfast, because I needed the protein and I couldn’t resist the pumpkin nutella blend.

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It was quite the savory rainy Thursday, if I do say so myself. Hopefully you’ve had some successful savory savings recently, too, so please do share your loot tips!

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