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Value: the human, the woman

While studying the history of humanity – their cultures, social formations, philosophies and their artistic endeavors – in a secular academic environment and Christian liberal arts college, I observed that women are both corrupted and glorified through cultural expressions.



Interestingly enough, when sin insidiously spread through the good earth and warped it’s perfectly effervescent qualities, woman became cursed with this stark reality,

“I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing;
    in pain you shall bring forth children.
Your desire shall be for your husband,
    and he shall rule over you.”

This commentary by theologian John MacArthur explains that to mean,

“Sin has turned the harmonious system of God-ordained roles into distasteful struggles of self-will. Lifelong companions, husbands and wives, will need God’s help in getting along as a result. The woman’s desire will be to lord it over her husband, but the husband will rule by divine design.”



In other words – what we see every day in this 21st century society – is the demoralization of the human soul, the fragile woman. Her natural beauty is tarnished, her deeper beauty is shamed, her eternal beauty is shadowed.

Woman is not a thing, though sin seems to prevail and trivialize her eternal beauty.

There is redemption.




Despite cultural norms and influences, woman must understand her true meaning and value according to God’s original design. She must see herself as the Creator sees her and gratefully, humbly celebrate her deeper and eternal beauty.

Finite ~ Sara Groves

I’m not every woman
It’s not all in me
I’m proud and guarded
When it comes to my needs

Try to keep the whole thing rolling
Try to keep an on time train
This frenetic fascination’s really driving me insane
Anybody feel that?

What God meant by woman
I’m hard pressed to find
I’m chasing paper dreams
And a guilt undefined

Fighting to stay younger
Trying to stay thin and in control
Searching for a magic formula
A thing to soothe our souls

Wonderin’ where the peace went

I’m finite, I come to an end
I’m finite, I cannot pretend

These are examples of artistic expressions via social media that highlight and appreciate the natural beauty of a woman’s changes, of a woman’s life, of a woman’s frailty…

In the hands of the potter,

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