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Fair: Blessed

We love going to the Fair every year. It’s been our tradition since we started dating. This time Ian couldn’t stop talking about having baby girl with us at the Fair next year. He’s going to be a great dad. We love the area we live in. The blue mountain ridge, the bluegrass roots, the farmer’s market produce, the smell of manure and tobacco, the sounds of tractors and children. It’s the southern mountain family life that we love. It’s the simple way of living and doing and building that we value. We look forward to buying our land and building our dream farmhouse and starting an aquponics farm and raising our children in the covenant grace. We are blessed.

Favorites: Summer Lovin

It’s almost the end of July, but I feel like the summer just started! I remember feeling like this every summer as a kid; I so looked forward to having no school work and to playing till the sun set late in the evenings. Summertime has always been one of my favorite times of year. Some of the best memories are made in the summertime … And some of the sweetest sounds are heard …

Dreaming: RV Beaching

This wintery weather has outlived my cozy winter heart. The holidays have blown through with the chill, and the snow dumped after we watched White Christmas. It’s the 2nd day of March and we’re expecting 10 inches of snow tomorrow. I don’t feel so warm anymore; I’m just too cold now. That is to say, this is the time of year when I start dreaming of the beach… I LOVE summertime. I love everything about it: bright sun rays, sweltering highs, fierce thunderstorms, crickets roaring, shiny stars, gritty sand, casual volleyball, crashing waves, low tides, sea shells and sea creatures, raging fire pits, gooey marshmallows, colorful bikinis, flip flops…  Summertime, I am ready for you! In light of such love, I came up with a brilliant idea. When I’m a mom of a brood, every summer I’ll hitch up an RV, pack my dogs and littles, and drive till the map turns blue. My favorite summer camping spot has been Assateague Island… For the past four years I’ve visited with a clan of close friends. That island …