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Favorites: Summer Lovin

It’s almost the end of July, but I feel like the summer just started! I remember feeling like this every summer as a kid; I so looked forward to having no school work and to playing till the sun set late in the evenings. Summertime has always been one of my favorite times of year. Some of the best memories are made in the summertime … And some of the sweetest sounds are heard …

Crickets chirping, evening thunderstorms, splish splash of the pool, children’s laughter, iced tea cracking, hot breezes blowing, ocean waves lapping, ice cream trucks singing … The sweetness of summer.

Since this season turned out very differently than I had anticipated – what with being pregnant and all – I thought I’d put together a compilation of all my favorite things so far this summer …

These little maternity shorts with full length belly band as well as these red sandals have been my wardrobe staples. They are some of the most comfortable things I wear, so I wear them all the time. Found them at none other than Target!

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Another staple that has gotten me through the hotter days, although it hasn’t been too muggy for us here in the valley of the mountains, has been iced teas. I make Nora tea with lemon slices and local honey; I’ve also made a batch of spearmint tea. [By the way, Nora tea is some of the best stuff women can drink – pregnant or not – look for my informative post in the next couple weeks about these herbs.]

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As I mentioned before, the sounds of summer evenings are some of the best in life … The late evening sky over the park the other night was beautiful …

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Ian and I love to light candles around our home since we often have smelly wet dogs from playing in the river. This soy scented candle has been one of the best.

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Sometimes in the early mornings, if I’m actually up early, I sit on the back deck with my tea and a book to soak up the morning rays and to start my day with a breath of fresh air and a peaceful mind.

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The ocean is one of my favorite places to be. I am reminded when I look at its vastness that God’s love is even deeper and wider and longer and higher than all the seas together. Ian put these shells that I collected from my first beach trip this summer into a glass jar to capture my memories.

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Fortunately, I’ve been able to wear some of my non maternity clothes comfortably, so I haven’t had to spend lots of extra money that we don’t have on appropriate attire for this gangly preggo body. Summer style is so pretty!

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Even though with nearly every season, I grab a garden bunch from Costco on my way out, this bunch has been my absolute favorite this summer. Soft dewy green and sprits of lilac; they’ve been lovely on the dining table.

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For the first time, I’ve started going up the road to the farmer’s market, just about 4 miles outside of town, to collect fresh produce. These peaches were amazing! And I’ve used these lemons from Costco for all my summer drinks.

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Of course, it’s not summer without the pool; for as long as I can remember I’ve been a water bug, and there’s nothing I’d rather do on hot days than to lie by the pool and take a dip. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

That being said, this pale-o willow woman doesn’t do well under the sun for extended periods of time, at least not without 75 SPF! But this year I discovered a golden natural product on Amazon for the pale-o gal. I love this stuff and it’s done wonders for my super white legs! A nice light tan without tinting orange. After lying in the sun a couple times, I just lather this lotion on about once a week.

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Now that my body is beginning to stretch out more around the hips and middle, I’ve been slathering on this safe-to-use body lotion; it feels great on my skin without a wet or slimy residue. I also use this product line for body wash. Found it at Target!

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Sadly, I have decided to resign from my position as a Vision Therapist at the end of the summer. It was one of the most difficult and devastating decisions of my career life thus far. For various reasons, which I will post about some other time, it was the best thing to do for now. But I have been enjoying every day in the office this summer, making memories with my patients and getting them through their protocol in time for my leave, and I have especially enjoyed my special little fury patient [she comes along with one of my teenage patients for some of his sessions].

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I guess my last two favorite things of summer have been my new novel interest penned by a witty pop British author and my 5 hour lazy float in a kayak down the river with a few friends one hot afternoon. These are just good things for the soul.

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I hope you’ve collected a few of your favorite things along the way this summer as well. Keep on soaking up the sun and making memories before the magic fades into shorter days …

In the hands of the potter,

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