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Dreaming: RV Beaching

This wintery weather has outlived my cozy winter heart. The holidays have blown through with the chill, and the snow dumped after we watched White Christmas. It’s the 2nd day of March and we’re expecting 10 inches of snow tomorrow. I don’t feel so warm anymore; I’m just too cold now. That is to say, this is the time of year when I start dreaming of the beach…

I LOVE summertime.

digging a hole... to China

digging a hole… to China

I love everything about it: bright sun rays, sweltering highs, fierce thunderstorms, crickets roaring, shiny stars, gritty sand, casual volleyball, crashing waves, low tides, sea shells and sea creatures, raging fire pits, gooey marshmallows, colorful bikinis, flip flops…

 Summertime, I am ready for you!

In light of such love, I came up with a brilliant idea. When I’m a mom of a brood, every summer I’ll hitch up an RV, pack my dogs and littles, and drive till the map turns blue.

My favorite summer camping spot has been Assateague Island…

such serene beauty

such serene beauty

chatting with wild island ponies

For the past four years I’ve visited with a clan of close friends. That island harbors some of my favorite summertime memories. I’ll travel out there every year as the wind blows and the tide rolls…

When I enthusiastically proclaimed my brilliantly devious getaway plan to my husband, he smiled and nodded, “That sounds like a very good thing for you to do.” He, being a Pacific coaster, doesn’t thrill at the sight of the Atlantic beaches; it’s much 6855_10151496163786631_1529258303_nhotter this side and too thick with bugs for his preference. But, the important thing is, he acknowledges my beach cravings and blesses my camping dreams.

Though we have no brood yet, unless you count dogs, I’m scheming already. Of course, all scheming is best planned and organized with Pinterest, so I’m collecting ideas and inspiration onto my virtual bulletin board “Camping.” I also discovered in my search that the Nesting Gypsy has lived in and out of RVs for 8 years; she and her husband remodel them with vibrant colors and busy patterns. Check out their crafty travel lifestyle…



Someday, I’m dreaming and hoping and praying God will bless us with crazy kids, being just like us in many ways yet in more ways being their own selves, showing us the precious palpable things of life…

May we truly savor beautiful moments with them while we have them. Here’s to dreams and summertime, too.

Wildflowers Photography captured this family's winsome charm in their family affair of building Cair Paravel of Narnia. http://wildflowersphotos.com/2014/02/the-keaton-family-their-narnia-castle/

Wildflowers Photography captured this family’s charm in their family affair of building Cair Paravel of Narnia.

happier together

Nesting Gypsy’s homeschooled daughter and dependable dog.

I just want to paint and paint with my kids.


A quiet evening at the homestead.

Family time at the beach.

In the hands of the potter,

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