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Simply :: Not

I’ve been wanting to write lately about the simple moments of my life; like this little cabin bear that’s growing up far too quickly. Soon she won’t be such a little bear, she’ll be a medium bear with a medium bowl of porridge & cushioned chair ☺️

And then share a witty moment like this when my dog finds her nook in the baby’s teepee. Sometimes Molle really is a doll (except for when she’s not…. and eaten a farm chicken for lunch).

Or days like this when we had 75 degree blue skies weather the day before, but then the winter storm blew in across that mountain there, blanketing our farm in charming white. It’s the simple moments that get me….

But it’s impossible for me to not consider the other not-so-simple things of life. Like my anger issues, my relationships, my words, my parenting skills, my strength to get through another day….

Maybe you saw my post on the FB page & Instagram about my very BAD morning when my husband told me I was having a break down. I don’t think I’ve had a panic attack in a long while, but this was the real deal that day. Hence, the essential oil diffusion, a stack of books, a cup of tea, and deep breathing exercises. Anyway, my counselor told me that when I become angry the root problem is that of feeling abandoned; no one had ever told me that before and it made perfect sense. I was finally, for the fist time, able to identify what is behind the emotional upheaval.

Manly and I had a good session, learned more about each other, and decided to make candles together the next day. Team building exercise? I guess. He really wanted to make them, and I already had the supplies, so we spent the afternoon inspecting recipes, melting wax, measuring fragrances, and snipping wicks. It wasn’t like we were being romantic and melting each others’ hearts. Ha. But it reminded us of when we were dating- how we liked cooking together, dancing to music, building things from scratch, and designing a house floor plan. We’re two somewhat creative people who like to work with our hands. I think we both realized that we function better as a team when we’re working on something together.

Might I add that making candles is much more challenging than it might seem! Melting the wax takes much longer, we weren’t sure how much fragrance to add, we didn’t have a scale to measure everything out, and didn’t have the right glue to secure the wicks. We just improvised most of it. See below for results 😉

Manly came down with a nasty virus on Friday, and The Little Person hasn’t been her delightful self either except for when she’s exploring outdoors. So she slept with us one morning at o’ dark thirty, and the following day we did a deep cleaning of the “sick room.” It feels so nice to straighten everything up and Lysol stuff after a cabin fever day.

The weather flipped on us again so we ventured out into the sun for a few warm hours. TLP hadn’t gotten up close & personal with a hen yet, so we required them to make proper introductions. You can imagine the hen’s delight. And might I add, also, that chickens are much more difficult to handle and maintain than you’d think! More on this in another post 🙄

One of the not-so-simple things in life is that Manly and I struggle with our communication. We’re very different people to begin with, so put us in a marriage and we’re either clashing or diverging. We honestly have to work at this every day we’re together. Maybe your marriage is like that, or maybe it’s much more simplistic. Through our counseling we are learning to accept the unique challenges we have, and we’re learning to make the most of it each day.

These are some of my favorite moments. Watching my girl explore her world and find it safe and beautiful.

Well, at the end of the day, I’m continually, without fail, incredibly grateful for this hobby farm life I get to share with my Manly, my shorty, and our two dogs. It’s a simple life. It has its challenges. But it’s ours. The candle-making, Israelite hens, worn barn, mountainous weather, creaking floorboards and all 🏡

It’s simple and it’s not-so-simple. By the grace of God go I…..


In the hands of the potter,

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