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Mommyhood: Satchel 'n Stuff

I like to be prepared … Actually, I just like items that help make preparedness possible. I am such a rattle head random woman that if I don’t have a designated satchel for all that stuff that somehow floats to anywhere and everywhere between the house and car I will lose my loose marbles and my husband won’t even know where to begin finding them …

This blogger mom might be kind of like me – I love reading her lighthearted down to earth posts – and she just shared her recommendation for a handy-dandy mom satchel (aka diaper bag) that is way outside of my price-range, mind you, and also not my preferred style. But her giveaway post prompted me to share with you, mom friends, what satchel products I’ve been looking for …

Of course, like any woman with loose marbles trying to be properly prepared, I use Pinterest. I’ve pinned a few diaperish bags that have appealing functional designs and reasonable prices.

My favorite is designed by a French family company called ikabags via Etsy –

Here’s a nifty industrial type carrier that I found via Amazon – http://

Someone I know recommended this satchel carrier which has worked great for her – http://

Since preparedness appeals to me, I pretty much know what I like and why. But, I’ve never had to do this mom diaper diaries thing before, so help me out if you have better suggestions for satchels ‘n stuff …

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  1. Joanna Hanks says

    Whatever you end up getting, get something that you can get into with one hand… while you are changing a diaper, you generally only have one hand free… 🙂 also, pockets outside and in help. I always have my diaper bag stocked with 5 diapers, travel wipes, an extra change of clothes, burp cloths, a muslin blanket, tissues, pacifier and bottles. If you end up doing formula, I found that measuring the amount of water needed, making it really hot and putting it in a travel mug is awesome!!! That way you have water with you if the baby goes nuts and you need to make a bottle quick! If your not doing formula, then you don’t have to deal with that! 🙂
    You will be a great Momma!!!
    Oh!!!! Side note: get an exercise ball… it makes bouncing easier on the knees!!! 🙂

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