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Brevity: Sun & Stars

Twas a refreshingly bright Saturday we celebrated my 27th birthday. We walked around the mountain hardware store so I could drool over kayaks and beg to get my own; instead of hoisting a river ride, we grabbed a bag of saltwater taffies which I shamelessly finished off that day; we visited the local Potter’s Guild display at the city museum and found a little pair of stamped clay earrings; we toured the lush gardens and historical house of the museum property where Ian searched out suitable kissing spots; lastly but not least, we sat through the Fault in Our Stars, which Ian did not want to see but after the main character started talking about zombies and heroes and bloody escapades he perked up, and by the end of that sweetly surreal story we were both a puddle and clinging to each other; as Ian said, “That’s the first love story I’ve liked because it went so deep.” The brevity of life is a fact that we face every day though we rarely acknowledge it; a poignant story causes us to revaluate the deep truths of life and to value what we have while we have it. So here’s to 27 more years with my Manly at all those kissing spots.

In the hands of the potter,

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