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Moments: of Grace

Maybe you’re one of those people who prayed for us in the aftermath of losing Heidi. I remember being shocked that one of my college professors had learned of our tragedy; he wrote me a letter that said, “Don’t let this stop you from having children and loving children. You were meant to be a mom and I believe God will give you more children.” Truly, we had people from all over the world praying over our broken family- a church in Indonesia, believers of Christ in Italy, a church in France, friends in Norway, people I’d never met who knew someone who knew us… the list was long and the prayers were heartfelt.

Last night my husband and I were putting this miracle child to bed, and we knelt together beside her to pray like we do every night. But it didn’t feel routine in that moment- it felt miraculous. There we were- holding hands as parents, talking with our two year old, helping her understand who God is, asking for God’s blessings over her life, and there beside her lay her baby brother who is also a rainbow baby. Miraculous. Incredible grace. No one could have brought us to that night, to that moment, except for Jesus himself.

Not only have we had other children after Heidi, but we’ve stayed married and drawn closer together in our grief, AND we’ve entrusted God with these rainbows.

Thank YOU for your many prayers. Thank YOU for calling on God to heal us, to walk with us, to provide for us, to bless us in our brokenness. Surely, these children and these moments are evidence of his g.r.a.c.e.


In the hands of the potter,

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