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Favorites: Nine Months

Just three more months till my second baby girl turns one year old!!! How can this be happening!? It is so hard to believe how much she’s changed from nine weeks early to nine months old…11988297_492732647572216_1546597964199800421_n

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My how time flies! I never knew such multiplied joy could be wrapped up in one tiny Little Person. EveyMarie, you rock my world to overflowing every day.

For those of you, readers, who love all things baby, here’s a list of five things/tidbits I’ve been enjoying with Everley during this fun stage (click on titles for more info). Below those is a collage of some recent exclusive pictures with her favorites 🙂 <3

  1. Stokke Tripp Trapp: She’s graduated to the high chair! Not only does she sit up comfortably in the seat, but she’s also right up at the table, and I love that about this kiddie contraption. It’s low profile, suiting our tiny dining room, and has comfortable over the shoulder straps that grow with the child. That being said, this chair converts over time to suit the needs of each stage. We love it, and doesn’t she look so astute joining the big people?
  2. Smock Bib: For the sake of fashion (or is it my electric bill?), I’ve discovered that a full coverage bib is the best way to go. These fit over the shoulders and make a nice neat bow in the back. They’re reversible, too!
  3. BlaBla Doll: On my Instagram account (as seen in the left sidebar), you’ll notice tons of shots with these darling knit dolls that I’ve started collecting for her toy chest. They’re the best for chewing, pulling, snuggling, and growing up with. Her favorite seems to be Pierre the Bunny; I think she likes grabbing his floppy ears.
  4. Freshly Picked Moccasins: Simple, sturdy moccs have been the name of the game for this wiggly Little Person. She loves to kick her shoes off! But she’s not quite so successful in these. Her feet are still preemie-ish, so it can be difficult to keep them covered and warm. I find that these stylish moccs do the trick (gold polka-dots never hurt nobody).
  5. Bandana Bib: Honestly, we don’t have enough of these. If I had a sewing machine, man, I’d be whipping these things out! Poor baby, she kept soaking her shirts through with drool, so I add one of these to her outfit each day and it catches all the drool, snot, spitup, and such without drenching her clothes. Pleasant baby means satisfied mama.
In the hands of the potter,

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