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Dear :: Son

Happy due date, Dear Son.

You’ve been given it to your Mama easy, Bud, and I gotta thank you for it. You’re my first “normal” baby- your sisters both had traumatic events, whether leaving or entering, and so far with you it’s been a nice flow and fairly predictable. You’re a quiet little fella who doesn’t cry much or for long and you seem pretty content hanging by yourself when you need to. It’s probably tougher being an infant than most of us think, considering you can’t do anything for yourself. I imagine that when you fuss and hear me whisper in your ear, “It’s okay, Bud. Mama’s got you” that you relax and know you’re cared for; I imagine that when I scoop you up and hold you close that you feel safe and understood; I imagine that when I wipe your bum and then finish the job with kisses on your cheeks and gentle words that you know all is done in love and that the unpleasant things aren’t a threat; I imagine that when you’re nursing and getting all the good milk that you feel warm inside and provided for and sheltered by your mother’s love; I imagine that when you hear your Daddy’s voice and your sister’s voice that you know you’re wanted, know there’s more to your tiny world, know you’re invited to join the fun. We are already enjoying you very much, Gatlin Man. You remind your Daddy & me of your big sister Heidi- how she looked as an infant and even a little of how she sounded. I’ve always known that others of our children might look a lot like Heidi; she was a beautiful baby girl and we miss her greatly. We’re thankful for the little things in you that make us think of her, but we’re also thankful that you have your own unique features & ways, and that you -like she- are as God intended you to be. Whoever you’ll be and whatever you’ll do- know that your Mama is proud of her Gatlin Man. Proud to be your Mama, proud to know you, proud to call you mine. Love ya, Bud 💙


In the hands of the potter,

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