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Thursday Chronicle: Linkups

Today I finally did it. I took the plunge after over a month of avoiding it due to the holidays and the weather. No more excuses. It was time to swim again.

I am no athlete by any mark, but a consistent exercise routine does my heart and mind good. I swim lap after lap after lap… until my arms won’t stroke and my feet won’t kick. That only takes about 45 minutes, and then I’m all swum out.

To prevent poor form and unnecessary exhaustion, I watch youtube videos on channels like GoSwim and SpeedoInternational for helpful tips and tricks. Here are a few that I’ve found helpful: Breaststroke technique, which is my favorite, and Freestyle technique, which I am always perfecting.

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Maybe I secretly wish I were a makeup artist. I just have so much fun doing it on myself that I’d probably love doing it on other people for fun. There’s actually an all-natural makeup artist whom I  follow and she kind of reminds me of myself.

So today I took a few shots of my simple and quick makeup routine before heading out the door to the office. It’s nothing fancy and these pictures aren’t edited, so it’s just the down-to-earth, raw me. Here’s what I did:

It looks like I’m working on my yoga lotus pose, but actually I’m just taking a very uninteresting picture of myself. The point is I’m a “plain jane” with no makeup, but I just do a few touches to spruce it up…

First, I powder my cheeks, nose and chin with the green stuff to lessen my rosacea/acne redness. 

I cover that with the Alima Pure Natural 2, which is a perfect match. Need I mention that it is very difficult for fair skinned ladies to find powder that matches! Very important fact.

Alima Pure Bronzer

Then I powder my cheeks – sometimes nose and chin for more definition – with the bronzer. Just a gentle touch so as to brighten and contour the facial lines.

The below shot just represents the almost-finished face… The best part is – I never feel like I’m wearing makeup! I love how these organic products feel and look – not plastered and not overdone. 

With pale peachy skin, a bit of blush goes a long way to add some color. This is a sample jar of a favorite called Freja. 

I have the most fun picking out my eyeshadow for the day. It’s the shade that makes my eyes shine. Some women feel naked without their lipstick, but I feel naked without my shadow.

In the past I’ve had trouble finding an eyeliner that doesn’t smudge or spread too thickly. This dark violet shade is my daily pick for a smokey, subtle outline.

Alima Pure Eyeshadow Cappuccino

Alima Pure Eyeshadow Cappuccino

eye makeup halfway done

Lastly, I whip out the mascara, brush it up and out, and top off the lips with some lively color (sometimes I leave them pinky natural).

With the red sweater, I added a rusty red tint and blotted it to blend in. 


In the hands of the potter,

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