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Potter :: Mama

I’ve scrounged up the time -in the business of motherhood and life itself- to throw on my wheel, which is located in a corner of my parents’ basement. They live in the suburbs of this area just six minutes from my place out in the country. Eventually, we have plans of building here on our property a studio for me, one large enough for my work but also for the kids to hang out in. Until then…. I intermittently have opportunities to work in my makeshift studio that butts up to my dad’s office (what he always dreamed of- having his married daughter come back home to work in his office space 😉 )

I’ve been thinking to myself about my work as a potter and my work a mother. I love both jobs. I have a passion for them both. I have a passion for a lot of other things as well such as public speaking, Vision Therapy, brain development, and watercolor painting. But for now, at this stage of my life, I’ve picked two passions to throw myself into….

And I’m realizing how I’m part of something much bigger than myself. I want to be a successful potter- creating functional artistic pieces that draw people to truth and hope; from my perspective, pots are symbolic of our own lives in how we’re shaped and molded and made into vessels for good. I also want to be a great mama- to do for my kids what I think they need and what I think would bless them; I pray over their lives often, begging God for their protection and peace. As much as I love them and as much as I pray for them, there are no guarantees….

I can’t guarantee my successes as a potter or mother. I can only give my skills and my talents and my knowledge and my desire to God, who’s the author and creator of these things and trust him with all of this: because I’m part of something much bigger than myself.

It’s not about me. It’s about God and the world. It’s about knowing him and loving others.


In the hands of the potter,

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