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Letter: Being Two

Good morning, Little Person.

If there comes a day when I’m not with you and I can’t be your Mama on earth, I hope you’ll read these letters. I hope you’ll see wisdom and your Mama’s silly ways; I hope you’ll hear Truth and Love and Grace; I hope you’ll feel loved and understood and feel connected, even if we can’t be for some reason. I hope you’ll laugh and maybe even call me ridiculous 😉

For today I’m with you and you’re two, and I’d like for you to know now that you’re old enough to read this- sometimes I don’t like it when you’re two. Lord have mercy. (I repeat that phrase often throughout the day, because I’m serious- we need mercy.) I’m up in the nursery feeding your brother who’s seven months and you’re downstairs listening to an audio book. I can hear the bang of wood against wood as you keep pushing yourself away from the kitchen table while strapped into your high chair since you’re supposed to be eating breakfast (salami, cold cheese, strawberries and grapes). Now you’re telling Daddy who’s trying to help you, “I want Mama! I want Mama!” Child, why are you so confused all up in your head? First you want breakfast, then you only eat strawberries, then I tell you to finish breakfast, then you throw yourself back from the table, then you refuse help when it’s offered. Now that you’re older and reading this… explain this situation to me… 😉

Of course you can’t because no one can- two year olds can’t really be explained. And that is why they’re two- So they can relish living in a conundrum and have no explanation as to why and maintain some level of chaos in their family because they’re confused and being two.

Maybe we’ve now solved one of the World’s First Problems by describing this phenomenon. I feel better just writing out that two = conundrum.

But you know what- I love you, Sugar. You’re learning so many other things, too (we won’t get into our failed potty training yesterday), and one of the things is how to say that you’re sorry and then ask for forgiveness. This is a big life lesson. And it’s challenging for everyone of all ages. But because God first loved us and gave his only Son for us and forgives us of our sinful human state that offends him- we are living in grace. May grace be the theme of your life.

I’m going to go help your two-year-old highness down from your high chair now. And pray that we have a princessy fun Monday, Sugar Snaps 😉


Your Mama

In the hands of the potter,

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