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Discouraged :: Encouraged

Who doesn’t love a good book and a good yoga routine? Well, I’m sure there are some of you who  don’t love those particular things and would rather do other things to start off your day, so if that’s the case comment below and share what you like to do with your morning!

Last night I determined to set my alarm for 6am. It’s unusual and envious, I realize, but my near-one-year-old goes to bed early at night and wakes up late in the morning, so that affords me a little alone time that’s not just for cleaning and sleeping myself. I actually hate getting up early; I just don’t know how to start my day with energy; I’m a deep sleeper and I’m super groggy when I first wake up. But this morning, even though I didn’t sleep particularly well last night due to anxiety, I got up 45 minutes after my alarm (that’s a good record, seriously), fixed up a 4 ounce cup of coffee (that’s all this irregularly beating heart can handle), and sat on my blue painted couch with my Bible.

Before you judge me for sounding so prim and proper, I NEVER do this. And I wake up looking like Frankenstein, literally, so just hang tight with me, because it’s real life over here, friends….

I didn’t want to read the Psalm of the day. Today’s the 22nd and the 22nd Psalm always makes me very sad and I thought to myself, “Why would I read a Psalm written by a guy who was extremely anxious and experiencing some of the worst nightmares of his life when I’m also struggling with anxiety and doubt??” So, I took a deep breath and looked over at my dog Molle, “I’m going to read to you now, Molle. We’re going to read the Psalm of the day even though I don’t want to. Go lay down and listen.” (Somehow having my dog nearby and reading out loud makes me feel better…)

As I started to read I thought I should look for and underline statements about the character of God so that I would focus more on Him than the author of the psalm itself. Does that make sense? I felt I’d get more out of it that way. And amazingly, I did! It turned out to be such a delightful read. Here’s what I discovered:

  1. vs. 2-4 He is perfect in power. He delivers those who trust in Him.
  2. v. 9 He has designed life. And He has chosen those lives for Himself.
  3. v. 19 He is a helper.
  4. v. 24 He does not turn away from the hurting. He hears the brokenhearted.
  5. v. 28 He is in charge.

Wow. Are you feeling it with me, my friends? I didn’t want to read that psalm, because I was afraid I’d become more discouraged; but instead I became encouraged. God met me right in my need while I was there showing Him what I needed. I needed the encouragement that God’s got this all figured out – my pain, my fears, my sadness, my brokenness, my shame, my failures. He can handle it. He wants me to tell Him what I’m going through, and He in turn tells me who He is and how He’s going to be there for me. Wow.

After all that, I was enlivened. I did another thing I rarely take the time to do these days. I did yoga! While my husband and baby ate their breakfast at the table, I was across the room with my butt up in the air for downward facing dog. I’m sorry for them, but it really felt so good for me.

(And after that I attempted a short run to the end of a long road and back…… because I’d gotten really angry about something and slammed the door in my husband’s face…… and I wanted to let off steam in a slightly more constructive way……. like I said, being REAL over here.)

So here’s to the start of the weekend- baby sleeping late, discovering who God is, letting go of more anxiety, actually doing yoga, and then apologizing to my husband. Haha. I hope you have a great start to your weekend as well! Don’t forget to share about your morning routine -even if it’s just how to remove smudged mascara- in the comments below 😉


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