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Day 4: Millennial Growth

On the heels of my little humorous Millennial post last night, I’ll share something I’m 21st century passionate about for marriage. 

We live in the Age of Information. We have nearly every resource possible at our literal finger tips. YouTube is not of the devil; Facebook is not fake relationships; Instagram is not a facade. The 21st century is really just like every century before us- new inventions, new creations, new opportunities. We can use those resources for good or for evil, but may most of us use it ALL for growth and maturity and truth. 

My husband and I make use of podcasts about scripture study and family lifestyle, we make use of YouTube when we can’t attend our regular church service, we make use of Facebook to share our story and connect with people in our community, we use Instagram to journal our family memories. We use the politheria of Social Media to our advantage. 

There are plenty of people who allow these resources to unhealthily integrate into their lifestyle. If you are married to a spouse who uses Millennialism to fodder their addiction to prescription drugs, pornographic material, gambling, violent gaming, or something else, for every bad resource there is a good one. Find it, use it. 

Millennial marriages aren’t going extinct due to the 21st century pendulum swing. These marriages are human and fallen and broken like they’ve always been. But God. He’s always there. And he is full of compassion for broken people and broken relationships. He’ll help us any time, any where, Millennial or not. 

Here’s to you and your 21st century life 🌿 Bloom & grow where you are planted!



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