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Chaos :: Rhythms

Bouquets of newly sharpened pencils. 

Bushels of apples. 

Long shadows. 

Falling leaves. 

Pumpkin spice everywhere.


And then you have kids.

Lots and lots and lots of germs.

Stuffy heads and runny noses.

Early bedtimes.

Consistent schedules.

Not enough coffee.

School newsletters and paperwork.

More stuffiness and less patience.

The list could go on, but my fingers are tired just typing out that short list.

My daughter goes to preschool two days a week and Bible study one day a week, so it’s a reasonable schedule packed into the middle of the week, allowing us the luxury of flexibility the other four days. But- I’m a Potter trying to run a little creative business that requires a lot of strength, time, and finesse; my husband is a Firefighter, Air Force, and an Entrepeneur Farmer. We’re either going to meetings, taking the kids out to play, running errands, cleaning the house, planting our crop, planning the next phase of renovations on our property, making time for friends, running off to work, trying to make a pot or two, attempting to be at school on time, showing up to church service, traveling or planning the next trip. It’s an on-going steady pace of practical chaos.

I’m grateful for two simple things in all of my current crazy.

But here’s the back story:

Five years ago my life was utter chaos- our daughter died, our dog died, we lived in a camper, we lived with my parents, we were trying to buy a house, our second daughter was born too early, our new house was filled with boxes, our finances were in disarray, my husband worked incessantly, our daughter was living on a heart monitor, I had to stay quarantined with her for several months, we rarely went to church or visited with friends. To summarize, trauma, tragedy, loss, grief, no predictability, no schedule, no routines, no safe place.

I have become so grateful for how God has brought us to a sure place for the time-being and how sweet rest can be. 

Even when life is chaotic, there can be a certain comforting rhythm to it. And even where there is blessed busyness, there can be rest and rejuvination. 

If you’ve lived with your world turned upside down, you value the mundane. Having your coffee with Bible reading. Picking apples with your kids. Taking a nap in the middle of the day. Making dinner for your family. Watching the sun set.

The rhythms of life are a blessing.

In the hands of the potter,

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