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A Story : Fixing Acne & Changing Habits

i have had skin problems since puberty. rosacea and acne run in my family and i happened to get stuck with both. my mom has always had beautiful, flawless, creamy soft skin. i got the ruddiness from my dad (thanks, dad!).

summer of 2002 - my skin does not look severely red due to the medicine

summer 2002 age 15

as a teenager, i used a dermatologist prescribed face cream to keep the redness down, the inflammation at bay, and the zits from exploding everywhere. for the most part that method worked. except for when stress piled on or bad eating habits grew. then i would get big white cysts that would build and build and they were painful! i still have a scar on my left cheek from a removal. during that stage of my life i didn’t understand the importance of a well-balanced, non toxic, organic lifestyle of products and food. i used drugstore makeup and soaps, ate few veggies and a ton of carbs. i don’t know how i didn’t end up bloated; i do know that the medicine was strong enough to keep my skin from getting yucky. overall i wasn’t making the best choices….

last year after getting married, going rural, and becoming more natural, i have been discovering what works best for my body system and my skin type – i no longer see a dermatologist or use prescribed medicine; i collaborate with an esthetician to find what will rejuvenate and refresh my skin; i use all mineral makeup from a certified green company; i am revamping my daily diet of vitamins and fats.

soon i will post about each of those changes, but for now here’s the rest of the story about how i’ve made these changes….

one of my husband’s friends is an esthetician and runs her own spa in San Fran. she was gracious enough to help out with my wedding and styling when she and her husband came to visit; she did my hair and makeup for my wedding.

getting ready for my wedding

getting ready for my wedding

i was inspired and blessed by her talent, so of course i had to ask for tips. since then she has helped me find the best facial cleansing, healing products.

a friend of mine here in town who is an herbalist by hobby and a resistant of the FDA recommended that i try mineral makeup by Alima Pure and that i increase high fats in my diet.

i am now in my late-twenties and still have occasional breakouts and inflammation under my skin; but i feel healthier and stronger than i think i have ever felt before. 

fairly clear skin

fairly clear skin

In the hands of the potter,

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