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Vlog: Morning Visit

It was a breezy July day and I had a small window of downtime, so I considered how to answer some of your – you readers & friends – questions about my process with grief. Some have asked big broad questions like, “How did you survive?” Others have asked more pertinent questions like, “What gave you hope when you felt dark inside?” , “What did you believe about God that impacted the way you grieved?”. With coffee in hand I addressed some of these thoughts in a casual candid way- on my porch listening to the wind chimes and the morning birds.

This is my invitation to you. If you’ve never wrestled with God about the things you don’t understand, He invites you to do that; if you’ve never read the scriptures about who God is, He’s left the door wide open for you to do that, too.

Here’s part of my journey- the things I’ve struggled with, the thoughts I’ve had, the sorrows I’ve felt, the beliefs that’ve laid the foundation, the philosophy of life I’ve studied, the God I’ve clung to…. Come relax with me on my porch, bring your cup of coffee or glass of wine, and consider your own thoughts and questions….


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