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Vlog: Birth Stories

Birth stories are just fun to tell. I’ve had two crazy unique experiences from birthing at home to a cesarean after hemorrhaging. Here are a couple highlights from my experiences:

  1. feeling like the Hulk while giving birth
  2. laughing at my husband in between contractions
  3. giving birth standing on one leg
  4. admitting myself to the hospital when I was terrified 
  5. trusting God with the unexplained 

I’m pretty animated as I share these experiences with you. I hope what I’ve shared inspires you today- get some good laughs, love on your littles, pray to Jesus, hope when you feel there’s none. Blessings, friends <3



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  1. Hearing you speak about your experiences was soothing to me… having been part of your experiences, it was a lovely perspective. Walking with your family through this all has taught me much. Bless you and thank you… hugs and love.

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