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VB // BBM Story

Hey there readers,

Some of you, I’m sure, have wondered how Bleubird Earthen came about. Well, here’s the story! Straight from me, the BleuBird Mama! If we haven’t met before, enjoy your cup of tea with me, friend 🙂 This is just a ten minute recording of why I started this blog and what I’d like to be sharing with you in my posts. I explain the process of becoming a potter and other topics of my life that I blog about as seen listed on my main content page. If you’d like to view a few pieces I did over the past year of learning the trade you can see those here at “Pottery: First Fruits.” Yesterday I wrote a bit about the struggles of the past three years and why I savor the beauty and grace in the aftermath of deep suffering, so this video post follows up on that previous post, which you can see here “Our Story: Uprooted to Grounded.” By the way, I don’t mention it in the recording, but I do also like to share about projects around our little farm house and fifteen acre property as seen in the category Homestead. But mostly my love to write on this here blog comes from my love for these three special things….



True confession: I’m not terribly tech savvy, so my videos aren’t the best quality, and the lighting for this one was a bit bright. While you watch you might think of it being like one of those 1930s films 😉 A lot of glow and a bit fuzzy sounding. Hope you enjoy meeting up today and thank you again to the many of you who are sharing in this earthen journey with me!


Signature- BB Mama


Oh yea, and about that mug. It’s gorgeous! It was made by a local potter I adore. Her info and pieces can be found here at Kary Haun’s studio.

In the hands of the potter,

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