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YouTube: French Canadian Soapmaker

Hand making something, nearly anything, is a hobby of mine. Sadly, I’m not “Type A,” so I rarely make the things I want to make :/ But I’m inspired by others who work very hard with their skills to make a small business of handmade items and I look to support local artists via community connections or Etsy.

One of my goals this past summer was to start making my own soaps in conjunction with making my own ceramic soap dishes. Well….we were trying to close on a house and it was taking forever, so we had to move out of our rental and in with my parents, which meant that I quit my pottery classes and put all my craft stuff in storage; then we moved in during the summer, took a two week vacation, and unexpectedly our baby arrived in August. Long story short is that I didn’t accomplish my goals.

So look for future posts of handmade soaps after I’ve located my craft box and adjusted to 24/7 parenting! 😉 My new goal is to start in the spring once the baby is older and settled into a routine.

For now I’ll share with you some of the crafters who inspire me and some of the resources I’ve found in case you want to get stirring yourself!

This gal, Ariane Aresenalt, has the best French Canadian accent, is a skilled business creator, and comes up with all kinds of creative soaps. I have learned so much from her about the basics of soap making as well as the variety of recipes and molds. She does an excellent job of video presentation and she’s just so darn cute, which keeps me referring back to her YouTube page just for fun.

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