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DIY: Nature's Scraps

Project reveal! I mentioned the other day in this post that I’d finally completed one of my little crafty endeavors… It’s a winter wreath made up of “nature’s scraps”: I picked a bunch of pine branches from the backyard; stuck in craft feathers; wrapped the center in floral tape (left over from my wedding); and used craft wire to secure it. Since I already had most of the supplies, I think the total cost was $5. Voila!

Home: White Sanity

Heavy snowfall means I’m quarantined at home. I love being forced to stay home. This abode is a lovely little shelter where I can hide away to read my books, dance to my music, bake my favorite cookies, watch my shows, play with my dogs, be my creative self… – – – – – – – – – – The adventures of Luke and Molle in the snow are as follows… This afternoon was perfect powder for them to romp around in; they both set out in a cantor… but only one was doing the chasing… I was amazed how well she could plow through all that snow! She was undaunted and having a good ol’ time… These are my favorite pictures of Molle… whenever I called she came a’dashing!

Puppyhood: Welcome Home Molle

Ian and I have been discussing getting another labrador for several months. Our older lab, Luke, is Ian’s dog who is now 13 years old, a wise old senior for a large dog. I had wanted to pick out a pup during the summer, but the timing just wasn’t right for our family. Luke is still in good health and excellent shape, so when I discovered that a friend from church had a new litter I probed Ian to find out if we could just check them out; I proposed that if we were going to get a pup now would be a good time for Luke. I told myself to not get my hopes up, but that is apparently very difficult for me to do… After much consideration, discussion, prayer, and seeing the litter twice…We ended up choosing a yellow female, the only one of her litter who was genuinely drawn to us. She had one other sister who was more anxious around us and Luke.┬áThis yellow female, in contrast, was sweet, affectionate, calm, …