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History: Picture Book

When I was a kid, I spent hours flipping through old photo albums of my family’s history. My brothers were much older than I and my family had lived in Germany before I was born, so I was fascinated to see the past and hear the stories. I’m still fascinated by pictures. They tell the stories of what has been and what is and maybe even what will be.

Fair: Blessed

We love going to the Fair every year. It’s been our tradition since we started dating. This time Ian couldn’t stop talking about having baby girl with us at the Fair next year. He’s going to be a great dad. We love the area we live in. The blue mountain ridge, the bluegrass roots, the farmer’s market produce, the smell of manure and tobacco, the sounds of tractors and children. It’s the southern mountain family life that we love. It’s the simple way of living and doing and building that we value. We look forward to buying our land and building our dream farmhouse and starting an aquponics farm and raising our children in the covenant grace. We are blessed.

Saturday: Tactical Man & Yoga Wife

we’ve been so lazy, which isn’t the usual for us. despite it being quiet around here, i’ve made the most of my time creatively and thoughtfully, which actually isn’t always the usual for me. ian had a long night running calls and came home to frenzied barking and bedhead wife. welcome home, would you like to help me out? no such luck. we ate our breakfast and attempted halting conversation above the howls of a blonde tasmanian devil. ian sighed and wished me goodnight while the sun shone brightly on our table spread. i did not let that get me down. THAT is especially noteworthy ┬áconsidering my nonstop week at the office from 9am-8pm nearly every day. could have crashed and burned today, but i chose to stay positive and purposeful. i worked on a project i’d been meaning to pick up this season… i’m not going to reveal it just yet, so take a sneak peek for now… ian is in the process of completing more military training; he had been away for a …

Anniversary: One Year Down

During our first year of marriage we have experienced, a hurricane honeymoon trapped in the mountains with no water, heat or food three months of wedded bliss hiking early in the mornings, sharing devotions and prayer, dinners by candlelight, meeting and laughing with friends forgiving, respecting, and trusting each other six months apart during Ian’s hellish special forces military training two weeks of summer heat fun with Ian and my parents and his mom for his graduation from training loving, mending, and serving each other a quick trip with Ian’s family for his brother’s graduation from basic training readjusting, learning, and wrestling with each other a weekend getaway to our favorite historical downtown hotel to celebrate friendship and forever These pictures symbolize the first year of this covenant,